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Remember how I said that slots go way back in the history of gambling? Over a hundred years to be almost exact. It didn’t take long for the first machines to find their way into the gambling houses, and casino slots were born. The casino slots we know today are more like the ones that Herbert Mills made, cuz he’s the one that came up with the fruit and bells and bars. The originals had playing card symbols spinning around in them.

Now just because they’re called casino slots, it doesn’t mean that you have to go to Vegas or Atlantic City to find them. There are casino slots online as well. They’re just like their land-based cousins, even down to the sounds you’ll hear coming from your computer. Just no arm to pull, you have to click your mouse for these. That’s the only complaint I have about online casino slots. It’s just not the same when you can’t pull that big arm. Of course there are so many casino slots now that just have big lit-up buttons to slap. As you know already, I’m into the old fashioned, simpler things. I like the real metal bells in the older casino slots, and I need to have that arm to pull down. I just can’t stick with it for long if I’m only clicking my mouse or slapping a big button.

If you’re OK with clicking away on your mouse, you know you’re more than welcome to try out my casino slots games I have for free here on my site. Just click the free games button on the left, and away you go. Click away to your heart’s content. I hope you have fun, and decide to stick around to pick up some more useful slots info, cuz that’s what I’m here for.

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