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Now here’s an interesting development in the world of slots. The video slots haven’t been around that long, and they’re really popular. Only thing is, video slots are popular in places like small bars, gas stations and corner stores. If you’ve never heard of slot machines referred to as being “tight”, I’ll fill you in. These small brothers of the casino slots are notorious for being tight. That means that your chances of winning at video slots are slim to none. Oh, there’s the occasional jackpot win, but the reason these types of machines are so popular in the places I mentioned above is because the require very little maintenance (unless someone gets mad and takes a barstool to one!), and they really hang on tight to that money that’s pumped in.

Now, having said all that, there are also video slots that are in the big casinos too. These ones are not so tight. They’re configured to be just like the regular slots, that is when you approach one in a casino. And there are video slots online too. This sounds funny, I know, cuz everything online is basically video slots, but what I mean is that the online slots mimic the real live ones, so of course there have to be online video slots too.

The biggest difference between video slots and the rest is that there’s no arm to pull. These are the ones with the big buttons to slap. Though there are starting to be some that are completely touch-screen activated. Now that’s cool! I’d use one of those if I couldn’t find a real one-armed bandit to shake hands with. The other thing about the video slots is the fantastic graphics involved in the displays. There are images of who-knows-what flying by in front of you, almost hypnotizing you into sticking around and continuing to feed it your money.

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